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Child Drowning

Children, particularly those aged 1 to 4 years, carry the overwhelming burden of drowning in high, middle and low income countries. The majority of papers in this stream concentrated on high income countries (HICs) where hazards such as home swimming pools , bathtubs and agricultural reservoirs have been the focus of interventions for many years.

The Child Drowning stream focused on targeted drowning prevention interventions, advances in child drowning research and the impact of public policy on child drowning. The stream facilitated the coming together of research, policy and practice for the purpose of identifying, confirming and pondering strategies to prevent child drowning.

Abstracts and Presentations

Bennett, E
Quan, L  
A policy strategy to prevent open water drowning among children and teens in Washington State, USA  Abstract  Presentation 
Goh, S  Pediatric drowning and submersion injuries in Singapore: A five-year retrospective study  Abstract   
Franklin, R  Child drowning in Australia – Meeting the drowning challenge  Abstract  Presentation 
Petrass, L
Blitvich, J
Finch, C  
Supervision a common factor in Australian unintentional child drowning deaths  Abstract  Presentation 
Muir, A  Water Safety NZ and Plunket bath mat campaign – Practice  Abstract   
Griffiths, T  The supervision myth  Abstract  Presentation 
Mulligan, D
Burgess, K 
At risk family: Correlation between drowning and child abuse/neglect in Broward County Florida  Abstract   
Penson, D 
Pearn, J
Going to school – Drowning on the way  Abstract  Presentation 
Petrass, L  Using a conceptual research approach to investigate supervision and inform future research  Abstract  Presentation 
Standley, D  Engagement with Community Infant Life Support – Save a Baby Programme  Abstract  Presentation 
Szpilman, D  Fresh water drowning prevention video – An impacting way to reduce drowning among children  Abstract   
Bajraktarevic, A  Drowning as risk of death in preschool children  Abstract   
Barss, P  Fatal immersion child injuries in rapidly developing Middle Eastern country  Abstract   
Queiroga, A  Information for prevention – Educational activities to promote child safety  Abstract   
Queiroga, A   14 years of innovative teaching of 12th grade students producing relevant work for lifesaving and social economy organizations  Abstract   
Starkuviene, S
Kalediene, R 
Patterns of drowning among children and adolescents in Lithuania during 1988–2009: implications for prevention  Abstract   
Mickalide, A  Safe Kids Worldwide’s drowning prevention initiatives:  Start Safe:  A water program for young children and their families (USA) and an overview of activities in other member countries  Abstract   

Abstract /PowerPoint Presentations

Abstract/PowerPoint Presentations

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