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Conference Objectives

Conference Aim:

The World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2011 (WCDP2011) aimed to focus world attention on the global burden of drowning, with a specific emphasis on the epidemic of drowning deaths in developing countries. The WCDP2011 drew together world leaders in water safety research, policy and practice in order to reduce drowning through collaboration in the context of lifesaving, public health, international development, water safety education, lifesaving sport and aquatic disaster reduction.

Conference Objectives

The World Conference on Drowning Prevention had additional objectives that included:

Strengthening recognition of ILS as the leader in the quest to reduce drowning in a lifesaving, public health, international development, water safety education, lifesaving sport and aquatic disaster management context.

Delivering a global conference in a way that exposed participants to the specific issues that contribute to drowning in developing countries including:
       Rural community drowning and prevention 
       Transportation/occupational related drowning and prevention 
       Aquatic disaster related drowning and prevention 
       Tourism-related drowning and prevention.

Providing a world water safety conference that attracted participants from:
       Lifesaving related agencies from across the globe 
       International, regional and country based public health agencies 
       Water safety leaders and practitioners from developed and developing nations, men and women, English and non-English speaking backgrounds
       A range of strategically critical disciplines; e.g. professional and volunteer lifesavers, educators, researchers, health promoters.

Conducting a world water safety conference in a way that fostered ILS collaborative relations with: 
       Targeted international, regional and national agencies including WHO, UNICEF, UNISDR and UNESCO 
       Non-government organisations including TASC and Red Cross/Red Crescent Society 
       Government and bilateral agencies (i.e. governmental agencies in a single country which provide aid to developing counties)
       International, regional and national public health agencies
       International, regional and national drowning prevention and lifesaving research institutions
       Organisations that teach swimming and water safety.

Utilising the conference (pre and post) to:
Maximise the growth of the regional capacities of ILS, ILS Members Federations and collaborating partners across the full spectrum of ILS strategic interest.
       Drive the impetus for growth of lifesaving and drowning prevention in Vietnam.

Facilitating the incorporation of ILS Commission, Committee and Task Groups work plans into the conference planning and complementary activities that may include workshops, field trips and pre-conference training and education activities.

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