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Drowning in Low and Middle Income Countries

Drowning in low and middle income countries is a significant problem that accounts for as much as 96% of the global burden of drowning deaths. This stream included many papers from researchers and policy makers from across Asia and Africa, and covered a diverse range of themes.

A key component of this stream is intervention research, collaborations and perspectives on what is needed to impact this significant issue.

Abstracts and Presentations

Rahman, A
A longitudinal study of child drowning in rural Bangladesh   Abstract
Rahman, F  Drowning, an impediment to achieving MDG4 in Bangladesh   Abstract
Baset, K  Safe haven effect of anchals – preventing drowning in early childhood   Abstract
Rahman, A  Survival swimming – effectiveness of SwimSafe in preventing drowning in mid and late childhood   Abstract
Biswas, A  Optimal age to learn survival swimming in Bangladesh   Abstract
Dralega, J
Desk research into communities at risk of drowning – Case of Uganda in East Africa   Abstract

Ekchaloemkiet, S
Gerdmongkolgan, S  

Arising the immune protection of the children drowned in Thailand   Abstract
Ekchaloemkiet, S
Gerdmongkolgan, S  
Policy advocacy on child drowning prevention in Thailand   Abstract
Gerdmongkolgan, S  Model-driven community towards the child drowning prevention in Thailand   Abstract
Godakumbura, W  Drowning in a developing country in Asia. Its nature and the support that such countries need   Abstract
Guevarra, J Orbillo, L  Development and implementation of  community-based drowning prevention interventions in a selected urban coastal community in the Northern Philippines  Abstract
Kiluswa, S  A Model for raising water safety awareness in low & middle income countries: A case study from Tanzania   Abstract
Wasti, H
Epidemiological profile of drowning in Nepal. Preliminary data from the Kathmandu region
Hossain, J  Limitations of ponds and natural water sources for swimming teaching   Abstract
Hossain, SJ  Natural swimming – prevalence and association with protection from drowning in Bangladesh   Abstract
Laosee, O  Child drowning in Thailand   Abstract
Chen, Y Y  Community based child drowning prevention project in Jiangxi Province, China   Abstract
Linnan, M
Probability of drowning during childhood in Bangladesh   Abstract
Baset, K  The social autopsy – a tool for community awareness after a drowning event   Abstract
Mashreky, S  Anchal – an integrated child survival and development center: a promising initiative for prevention of drowning among young children   Abstract
Mecrow, T  Barriers to CPR training in a rural LMIC setting   Abstract
Mecrow, T
Moral Hazard and SwimSafe – the early results are in and it does not increase risk-taking   Abstract
Mecrow, T   Risk taking behaviors concerning water in early childhood, Bangladesh   Abstract
Mony, K  Community based child drowning programme   Abstract
Nusrat, N  Large-scale community training in CPR as a basis for a community response system in an LMIC   Abstract
Orbillo, L  Development of the Philippines National Framework of Action on Drowning Prevention 2011–2015   Abstract
Linnan, H W  Child drowning in Jiangxi Province, China – A silent killer   Abstract
Rahman, A  Rescue rates following SwimSafe training   Abstract
Rahman, A  SwimSafe teaching tools: guidance for survival swimming to children in low and middle income countries  Abstract   
Scarr, J
The scale required for impact on child drowning in middle and late childhood and implications for safety   Abstract
Shafinaz, S  The process of learning natural swimming  Abstract
HSS, A  Prevention of childhood drowning in Malaysia   Abstract  Presentation
Chan, S
Child Drowning in Cambodia   Abstract
Suvanprakorn, A  No more drown in 15 minutes   Abstract
Mutatina, B  Drowning in the Great Lakes of Uganda: A neglected problem   Abstract
Walker, D
Behavioral change communications for drowning prevention in low literacy environments   Abstract
Ekchaloemkiet, S  The evaluation of general swimming and safety swimming programmes   Abstract
Rubin, T
SwimSafe – A survival swimming curricula  Abstract
Suvanprakorn, A   New local PFD innovation  Abstract
Tongjun, P  Situation and causes of drowning among children aged 0–14 years – Nakhon Ratchasima Province   Abstract
Ukwatte, H  Message from Sri Lanka   Abstract
Pant, P  Fatal drownings in Nepal: As reported in the media  Abstract   
Bakinga, J
Utilising the Water Activities
Participant's Health Information Form - to prevent drowning and water related accidents and injuries amongst the population living with specific health problems across the globe

Abstract /PowerPoint Presentations

Abstract/PowerPoint Presentations

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