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Drowning Research

The Drowning Research stream focused on high quality and innovative drowning research from across a range of disciplines and subjects. Research also covered other water related issues.The stream was divided into the following areas to provide further guidance to participants, speakers and conference partners: the global burden of drowning, definitions and drowning data collection, epidemiology, and prevention research.

The stream gave an indication of the range of research being undertaken and reveals the gaps in knowledge that makes this area of public health a dynamic area for research.

Abstracts and Presentations

Lunetta, P  Standard World Health Organisation (WHO) data on drowning:  A cautionary note concerning undetermined drowning  Abstract  Presentation 
Sempsrott, J  Systematic review of non-Utstein style drowning terms  Abstract  Presentation 
Franklin, R  ILS Drowning Data and Research Survey  Abstract  Presentation 
Mohr, D  Drowning statistics in Germany –  Comparison of different reporting systems  Abstract  Presentation 
Lunetta, P  Drowning under the influence of drugs and alcohol  Abstract  Presentation 
Mitchell, R  Calculating estimates of drowning morbidity and mortality adjusted for exposure to risk  Abstract  Presentation 
Langendorfer, S  A drowning risk assessment (DRA) observation instrument: Developmental proposal  Abstract  Presentation 
Kjendlie, P  Applying existing scientific technology and methods to life saving research  Abstract   
Bennett, E
Moran, K 
Open water safety messages: spreading the word  Abstract  Presentation 
Stanley, T  Open water safety messages: Spreading the word in New Zealand  Abstract  Presentation 
Argue, R  Using the public health approach to prevent drowning in Hawaii  Abstract  Presentation 
Bech, E  Drowning deaths – The estimated ratios between drowning, morbidity and  no morbidity  Abstract  Presentation 
Bierens, J  Research methods: tips and tricks for those interested (and maybe never have considered that research is fun)  Abstract  Presentation 
Brunt, A  Establishing New Zealand's water safety research strategy and online research bibliography  Abstract  Presentation 
Connolly J  Suicide by drowning is the 21st century's rescue challenge: A review  Abstract  Presentation 
Franklin, R
Pearn, J 
The rescuer who drowns  Abstract  Presentation 
Ishikawa, T  Outbreak factors of drowning on the shores of Japan  Abstract  Presentation 
Lu, T  Age pattern of drowning mortality across 44 countries  Abstract  Presentation 
Urio, J Establishing a surveillance system to record drowning incidence in a low income country: A top down–bottom up approach   Abstract  Presentation 
Pearn, J
Franklin, R 
Disability and drowning – Personal experiences, research and practicalities  Abstract  Presentation 
Szpilman, D  Drowning death in Brazil: Can we trust our database of death certificates concerning place and circumstance?  Abstract   
Valonen, K  National drowning research project in Finland  Abstract  Presentation 
Franklin, R  Estimating morbidity associated with unintentional drowning episodes  Abstract  Presentation 
Grace, S  Alcohol related drowning deaths in Victoria, Australia, 2000–2009  Abstract   
Kalediene, R  Socio-economic transition and mortality from drowning in Lithuania: critical points in time and place  Abstract   
Szpilman, D  The socioeconomic aspect of drowning death in Brazil: A huge unbalance  Abstract   
Szpilman, D  To properly target drowning prevention resources, you need local data: Evaluate drowning death data at a local level to understand and plan more appropriately  Abstract   
Franklin, R  Preliminary results for a 6-year review of nonfatal drowning in children and young people 0–19 yrs in Queensland (Australia) 2002–2008  Abstract   

Abstract /PowerPoint Presentations

Abstract/PowerPoint Presentations

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