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Emergency Response and Medical

The Emergency Response and Medical Issues stream covered a diverse range of issues of interest to medical professionals, medical researchers and all those working and volunteering in this field. The stream was monitored by the International Life Saving Federation’s Medical Committee.

This stream highlighted medical research, advances in the medical aspects of rescue, first aid and resuscitation, and emergency response and was of particular interest to medical professionals working across Asia, in both urban and rural environments where drowning places a significant burden on the health system.

Abstracts and Presentations

Bierens, J Lack of evidence blocks development of drowning resuscitation guidelines  Abstract  Presentation
Lofgren, B  Mouth-to-mouth ventilation reduces interruptions in chest compressions during lifeguard CPR: A randomized manikin study  Abstract  Presentation 
Dickinson, P Shallow Water Blackout – The production of a position statement from the ILSF Medical Committee Abstract Presentation
Brown, C  Do swimming pool incident, accident and medical emergency rates correlate with training provision? Abstract Presentation
Claesson, A Time delay and performance of CPR in surf lifeguards after simulated cardiac arrest due to drowning Abstract  Presentation
Morgan, P Sudden death whilst swimming – is it safe to go into the water? Abstract  
Hood, N Pilot Program for the use of laryngeal mask airway devices by first responder lifeguards Abstract Presentation
Lippmann, J Management of a scuba diving accident Abstract 
McLean, D The role of volunteers in surf rescue emergency response groups Abstract   
Moran, K
Webber, J
Lifeguard knowledge and understanding of CPR Abstract Presentation
Pearce, R
Nimmo, L
CPR Online Abstract Presentation
Szpilman, D Aquatic cervical and head trauma: Nobody told me it could be a jump in the darkness! Abstract  
Tipton, M 'Autonomic Conflict': a cause of sudden death on immersion in cold water? Abstract  
Webber, J From drowning to survival: A resuscitation case study Abstract Presentation
Avramidis, S
Connolly, J
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in aquatic rescue: A review Abstract
Barwood, M Surviving prolonged cold water immersion – An evaluation of immersion dry suit test performance standards Abstract
O’Dwyer, G Dublin Fire Brigade's Water Rescue Service – Past, present and future Abstract  
Connolly, J The success at Foyle Search and Rescue – Suicide prevention and rescue in the city of Derry, Ireland Abstract 
Kimura, T Training of survival technique 'chakuiei' on JICA program Abstract  
Lunetta, P Assessing the cause of death in bodies found in water Abstract
Yeung, P Acupressure in first aid for life savers Abstract  

Abstract /PowerPoint Presentations

Abstract/PowerPoint Presentations

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Conference Ambassador

Dr. AKM Fazlur Rahman
Executive Director; Centre for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh 
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