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Partnerships and Programs

This theme focused on the growing recognition that reducing drowning requires multi-sector interdiscplinary collaboration. Examples stretch from a community level all the way up to global partnerships.

This stream included a number of papers that focused on national drowning prevention plans, as well as program partnerships. This included the issue of development collaborations between high resource lifesaving agencies and those emerging in low income parts of the world.

The Partnerships and Programs theme was proudly sponsored by Commonwealth Lifesaving – The Royal Life Saving Society.

Abstracts and Presentations

Jones, R
Romo, C 
One size does not fit all: Rethinking pediatric water safety and drowning prevention in high income countries (HICs)  Abstract  Presentation 
Byers, B  The influence of ethnicity on aquatic participation and drowning in Canada  Abstract  Presentation 
Willcox, S  Keeping new settlers safer in and around water  Abstract  Presentation 
Haimona, M  Tidal policy: A wave of reform for Maori drowning prevention in Aotearoa/New Zealand  Abstract  Presentation 
Aghamirsalim, S  Survey of Islamic Republic of Iran Lifesaving performance during the years 2005–2010  Abstract   
Place, D  Changing policy to save lives  Abstract   
Baker, S  Collaboration & partnering: Pang habam-buhay ito – Philippine Life Saving Society and Royal Life Saving Society – Australia  Abstract  
Blaubaum, S Dixon, J  Barriers to aquatic participation for English as second language speakers: An Australian profile: The exploration of a preventative drowning strategy that's working  Abstract   
Blitvich, J  Evaluation of an 11 week water safety program for young adults  Abstract  Presentation 
Clark, R  Case study and analysis: 100th Anniversary celebration of the Lifesaving Society in Ontario Abstract  Presentation 
Gallinger, Z
Fralick, M  
Drowning risk of immigrants versus non-immigrants in the province of Ontario: A
cross-sectional retrospective study 
Gossner, S  Fight of German Red Cross Life Saving against drowning  Abstract  Presentation 
Grandi, R  Acqua (Water)  Abstract   
Kang, D  Understanding lifesaving service in South Korea and its future development  Abstract  Presentation 
Leaversuch, F  An investigation into lifesaving organisation capacity – Implications for development of lifesaving organisations in low resource settings  Abstract  Presentation 
Barwick, J  The changing face of The Royal Life Saving Society   Abstract   
Leaversuch, F  Taking a human rights approach to engaging governments in drowning prevention  Abstract  Presentation 
Peden, A  The National Water Safety Quiz: an interactive approach to evaluating Australian children's water safety knowledge  Abstract  Presentation 
Müller, C  The road to water safety in Switzerland  Abstract  Presentation 
Müller, C   bfu water safety campaign  Abstract  Presentation 
Seabra, R  Strategies to promote new water safety organizations in Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé and Principe a case study of AsNaSA Portugal's cooperation for Africa  Abstract  Presentation 
Rubin, T
Peden, A
Walker, D 
Australian volunteers in Asia: A unique perspective on international collaborations in drowning prevention  Abstract  Presentation 
Salomaa, P  Drowning prevention in Finland  Abstract  Presentation 
Szpilman, D  Having difficulties raising funds for a drowning prevention campaign? Build yourself a tool to atrract government support!  Abstract   
Szpilman, D  A professional way to multiply our drowning prevention message by enlisting the help of non-lifeguards  Abstract   
Ulyssea, M  Sea Angel's Brazil boating & water safety program  Abstract  Presentation 
Walker, D  Working together for water safety: Exploring the challenges and success of the collaborative approaches within the UK National Water Safety Forum  Abstract  Presentation 
Wills, S  Utilising a national water  safety partnership to develop and deliver an effective awareness campaign case study – United Kingdom tombstoning safety campaign  Abstract  Presentation 
Zbinden, M  New education and prevention program  Abstract  Presentation 
Avramidis, S  Hollywood stars involvement in lifesaving, lifeguarding, swimming and drowning incidents  Abstract   
Avramidis, S   The Declaration of Lifesaving  Abstract   
Avramidis, S  Drowning scenes in Hollywood films depicting swimming and aquatic activities: A pilot study  Abstract   
Chalker, D  Drowning in the Outback – Alice Springs Police – Australia  Abstract   
Stallman, R  The 'Buddy System' – Hands around the globe: Improving communication and cooperation between ILS member nations  Abstract   
Szpilman, D  To whom should we target a drowning prevention campaign in Brazil?  Abstract   

Abstract /PowerPoint Presentations

Abstract/PowerPoint Presentations

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